Wonton Making Supplies

Wonton Soup Recipes

So what exactly do you need for making wontons? Well, wonton wrappers (also known as wonton skins or wonton papers) are crucial. Unless you decide to make your own of course! You will need some wonton making supplies in order to make delicious wontons.

You will also need your chosen ingredients for the filling and that might be anything from minced pork, beef or chicken to cheese, vegetables or, if you want to make dessert wontons, chocolate, caramel, bananas, apple and other goodies. Wonton wrappers have a neutral flavor so they are equally well suited to spicy, mild or even sweet fillings.

More Wonton Making Supplies

Another good idea might be to buy a soup base. You can make your own chicken stock of course, if you want it for making a wonton soup recipe, but you can also buy a soup base and dissolve it in water to make a great-tasting chicken stock in minutes.

Because chicken soup base is so concentrated, on average one small container makes a huge five gallons of chicken stock in total since you just need a spoonful or two at a time to make your stock. Unless you regularly make your own stock and freeze it, buying a good quality soup base is a worthwhile investment.

Gyoza PressWhether to use a wonton press or shape the wontons by hand is up to you. Stick with the basic wonton making supplies and you will have all you need. Some people like the homemade look and others prefer a uniform look. If you are planning to make your first ever easy wonton recipe you might like to try making them by hand and see how you get on.

If you are going to make wonton soup for a hundred people, using a wonton press (or dumpling press) is going to save you a lot of time. And they only cost a few dollars too.

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To use a wonton press you just need to put the wonton wrapper in there, add a teaspoon of filling, moisten the wonton wrapper edges and press down to seal and crimp. That’s all there is to it. You don’t need many wonton making supplies at all.

You will also need serving plates for crispy deep-fried wonton recipes, or bowls and Chinese spoons for wonton soup. If you are serving homemade wontons to guests, it is nice to offer matching chopsticks to pick them up with although you can eat the deep-fried kind with your fingers.