Top Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is something that people overlook when talking about exercise. I mean how can it not be – it’s something that people only do for fun, right? Wrong, yoga is amazing in the benefits that it produces and the effect it has on people’s lives. There are benefits of yoga a lot of people don’t realize.

You may see people bending and twisting their bodies in weird ways when you think about advanced yoga or even yoga for beginners, but in fact it’s something completely different. Yes, it does include stretching and it should be done when starting yoga. Although, if you’ve been doing yoga for a few years now, then you probably past the stretching stage and more concerned with the benefits of yoga.

The more you practice yoga, the more benefits you will notice. Tai chi is also beneficial.

Here are the 3 main reasons why you shouldn’t be skipping your yoga classes:

Reduced Stress

No matter how you look at it, yoga is powerful in its ability for reducing stress and anxiety. The increased awareness of your inner self allows you to notice what is wrong with your body and what you should be doing to fix it.

thick-yoga-matThere are countless yoga variations out there that focus on stress reduction. By using various breathing methods and teaching you how to control your own mind, yoga forces you to calm down.

The main reason for your stress is probably because of your overactive mind, so quieting that down will calm you and help you find balance.

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Permanent Weight Loss

Many people know that exercising will help them reduce their weight, but most of them get that weight back in a year. Exercising will help you lose weight, no doubt about it, but if you stop then the weight loss will stop to. Yoga helps you lose weight differently; it teaches you how you can keep the weight off.

By learning self-control and discipline, yoga shows you how a simple lifestyle change can help you keep the pounds off in the long run. People who gain the weight they’ve lost back are those who can’t resist their urges and temptations.

When your body wants to eat, you must have the ability to say no; if you can do that then the weight that you’ve lost won’t come back. If you fight the cravings, eventually they will stop coming all together and you will then naturally – without effort – lose weight and keep it gone. That’s another of the benefits of yoga.

Benefits of Yoga: The Mind and Body Connection

yoga-flow-dvdWhen practicing yoga, you will start to notice that many of the practices are centered on one thing.

That is the mind and body connection – these two important parts of ourselves is what yoga mainly focuses on. Being more connected with your own body is one of the main ways that you increase your self-control. This is one of the benefits of yoga everyone who practices regularly will observe.

Many people who have practiced yoga for years, have the ability to practically shut off there cravings.

Cravings happen when the instinctual part of the brain takes over, but if you have enough self-control, then you can stop these instincts from automatically taking over.

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The previous two reasons that you should do yoga are all connected to this one main idea.

If you strengthen the connection between the mind and body, then stress reduction (mind) and weight loss (body) can become things that you control and not things that control you. This is one of the greatest benefits of yoga.

These three benefits of yoga are all interconnected and will lead you to a permanently healthier lifestyle. The greatest wonder of yoga is that the benefits are permanent, so when you learn them you won’t forget them.

Even if you stop doing yoga, which is not good, you will still have these strengthened connections to help you in life.

All in all, yoga is a more permanent solution to changing your life and should be taken seriously, especially if you’re just starting out. The benefits are real and they will come with time.