Summer Appetizer Ideas

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Summer appetizer ideas are perfect for when the weather is warm. One of the things that brings people together is the enjoyment of food. There are few things better than gathering around a table on a summer evening to snack and relax with friends. And there are easy summer appetizer ideas for all palates and occasions, so you won’t be stuck for choice.

What makes appetizers so appealing when compared to full meals? Appetizers are usually bite-sized, making them easy to eat while socializing. Of course, a table full of different options is far more exciting than committing to just one meal or flavor.

Many summer appetizer ideas are not only easy to eat, but also easy to prepare. Cold appetizers are especially effortless since they can look artfully done with just some chopping, arranging, and intentionally placed fresh herbs.

Even some cooked appetizers are of the set-it-and-forget-it variety. Throw some ingredients in the slow cooker and wait awhile or skewer a couple different meat and vegetable combinations for colorful kabobs that can go from grill to plate in a snap.

Light and Fresh Summer Appetizer Ideas

During the heat of summer evenings, light and fresh summer appetizer ideas are best. To find the most appealing small plates for an August night it helps to look at foods from countries where warm weather is common. Greek or Spanish cuisines are a nice starting place when creating an appetizer spread.

A Little Greek Inspiration

Greek options work well because they can include refreshing herbs like mint. One popular Greek dish is a watermelon and feta salad sprinkled with chopped mint. That salad paired with a hummus platter would be a great addition to any gathering. An authentic Greek salad is also amazing.

Hummus platters are versatile and can cater to the tastes of your guests. Fresh pita bread and crisp veggies like slices of cucumber are a couple favorites to include if you aren’t sure where to start, or you might like to make a spinach and cheese spanakopita to keep with the Greek theme. This is great served hot or chilled.

summer appetizer ideasSpecial Summer Appetizer Ideas: Tempting Tapas

There is also an entire form of cuisine dedicated to small plates called tapas. Tapas originated in Spain and are a wonderful idea for the summer because many tapas are served cold.

A nice olive and cheese spread paired with various fruits would be simple and easy to prepare. Sprinkle the fruit with chili powder for a special kick to balance out the fruit’s sweetness.

Spanish appetizers commonly include seafood and shrimp marinated overnight and sautéed before serving – these are always a safe bet. As well as one of the most popular summer appetizer ideas.

Whether you choose to focus on one particular country or provide a variety of appetizers for your guests there are so many recipes to try out that you never have to serve the same one over and over again and hope your friends don’t remember the 20 other times you made spinach and artichoke dip in a bread bowl.

Whatever summer appetizer ideas you choose, they are sure to pair well with good conversation. They should not overshadow or outshine the main course: summer fun with family and friends.