4 Tips for Feeling Your Best at Prom

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The high school or college prom can be a wonderful event for many late teenagers or young adults. It’s an expressive event where students dress their best and connect with one another, have room to blow off some steam and dance to good music, and maybe even eat a well-catered meal (though most likely not in that order).

However, for some, the event can also inspire nervousness. After all, being a young adult and heading to an event alongside many of your peers is not always the easiest thing to swallow, but luckily, these nerves soon dissipate once we start having fun at the venue and spending time with all of our friends.

In this post, we’ll discuss a few methods you can use to feel your best so that you can have the greatest time possible. This may require a few preparations, but ultimately that time investment will be worth it when you can look back on your night and recall fond memories that last a lifetime. With that in mind, let’s begin:

Bring All Your Friends Together

Proms are so much more enjoyable when you have your great friends with you, and comfort in numbers is absolutely a valid method of feeling your best in a (let’s face it) unusual environment. Moreover, you’ll often find that heading in with your friends will inspire a great number of real belly laughs, which can make the event feel so much more memorable than it could have otherwise.

Of course, that’s not to say you have to ditch your date if you had one, nor does it mean a date by implication means you’re ditching your friends, a careful balance between the two (if you’re lucky enough to have both) will lead to the best night possible.

Plan the Prom Dress or Outfit Well in Advance

Knowing that you have your outfit planned well in advance is comforting to say the least, because it removes one of the big unknowns about how you’ll express yourself when heading there. With amazingly designed prom dresses, you’ll be sure of feeling your absolute best and most confident, especially in a garment that fits you and complements your natural style.

Of course, you can also plan out your look in advance by scheduling your hair and makeup too, and even undergoing skincare the night before to look glowing and beautiful. Now, it’s not only about how you look of course, but you deserve to be a little indulgent and invest in yourself to feel wonderful. After all, if you feel good you look good, and if you look good, you feel good. Proms only come around maybe twice in a person’s life, and so there’s no shame in going all out or being as subtle as you like.

Get Some Good Rest Beforehand

Prom is often a long event, sometimes with catering, award shows, speeches, dancing, and even an afterparty. In other words, you may be out for a while. For this reason, it’s good to work on your sleeping schedule at least a week in advance so you can ensure a full, comforted night sleep (and perhaps even lie-in!) before the big day.

Most people are aware of the term “beauty sleep,” and it exists for a reason. A great sleep helps you with emotional stability (meaning that you can feel more excited about the event and less nervous or stressed), while also helping your skin glow, giving you the energy you need to enjoy the whole day, and you’ll make better memories when you’re not exhausted. It’s a simple tip, but a very important one if you’re to feel your best.

sleep before prom

Plan a Prom After-Event

It can be nice and comforting to know where you’re going after the prom ends. Depending on your age and the country you’re in, this may differ. For example, in the UK those going to a college prom may head to a nightclub afterwards, but in the US where clubs are strictly for over-21’s, it could be that alternate options are considered, such as a party hosted by a particular family.

For some, heading back to a nice gathering with friends is more than enough to feel comforted by. Planning that event can not only feel wonderful, but give you some necessary security in knowing what to expect and who to go with. That way, you can avoid some of the worry and unknown that comes after the itinerary has been planned.

With this advice, you’re certain to feel your best at prom and to make memories that last a lifetime.

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