Beautiful Large Opal Rings

Opals are a magical stone and no other stone looks like them. The fire in an opal is truly amazing and setting an opal on a silver or gold ring showcases the stone’s beauty to perfection. I love large opal rings and can’t get enough of their gorgeous fire.

Do you already have an opal ring or are you just curious about the different types of opals or the different opal ring settings you can choose from? Because, really, there are lots of large opal rings to choose from, and you are going to be spoilt for choice. I was, when I was shopping for mine.

I have gathered together lots of different opal rings all in one place so you can take your pick of the rings and do some investigation into prices and styles. There is something for every budget and taste.


Pictured: the Opal Ring I Bought on eBay

An Opal is Timeless and Elegant

A beautiful opal ring will last many years and draw glances of admiration from everyone who sees it sparkling on your finger, catching the light and throwing off green, red, pink, yellow, orange, turquoise and purple lights, as well as other colors and hues. There are large opal rings for everyone.

My First Encounter with Opals

I first fell in love with this stone when I visited Coober Pedy in Australia and went ‘noodling’ which means digging through the piles of rubble left over from opal miners in case they missed anything.

I found a couple of pieces (which I sold to pay for the next leg of my trip!) although the 120 degree heat makes it very hard work!

People in Coober Pedy actually live underground because it’s so hot there! The colors you see in a genuine, natural opal are like nothing else on Earth.

Women’s Large 925 Silver Fire Opal Gemstone Ring

This stunning ring glitters with all the colors of the rainbow and it’s a truly beautiful statement piece. Carefully selected cubic zirconia are featured around the central gemstone to showcase it. This ring looks expensive but you’ll be amazing at its wallet-friendly price.

Large Fire Opal Ring, on Amazon

Ross-Simons Ethiopian Opal and .32 Carat Diamond Ring in 18kt Yellow Gold

Ross-Simons Ethiopian Opal and .32 ct. t.w. Diamond Ring in 18kt Yellow Gold

This stunning opal ring is made with a pear shape white opal and brilliant round cut round diamonds, all set in beautiful yellow gold. This would be amazing as an engagement ring. Treat yourself to this breathtaking opal ring or buy it for a loved one. Opal is a beautiful and magical stone and this really is going to look magnificent on any finger regardless of which large opal rings you especially love.

White opal and diamond ring in yellow gold, on Amazon

Big Opal Ring Set in Solid Sterling Silver

925 Sterling Silver White Opal Ring - Vintage Style October Birthstone Iridescent White Gemstone Sizable Ring - Classic Handmade Jewelry Gift For Her - Adjustable Elegant Boho Ring - Gift For Women

This stunning ring is created in the Victorian style and it has been hallmarked 925 in London, England, for being sterling silver. The single opal was crafted into the ring in Israel. The ring has beautifully carved shoulders which complement the stunning opal. The shank is thick and heavy to ensure the opal is held securely. This ring also comes in gold and with various alternatives to opal if you want to browse different looks and styles.

Big Opal Ring in Sterling Silver, on Amazon

How Opals are Formed

Have you ever wondered just how opals are made, and how come they have all those amazing colors in them? These stones are formed from a solution of water and silicon dioxide.

Water runs through the Earth and on its way down it picks up the silica from sandstone and carries it into voids and cracks, which are there from decomposing fossils or natural faults. The water evaporates over time, leaving a deposit of silica behind.

Over long periods of time this cycle repeats and repeats, and finally a beautiful opal is formed. Every opal is unique; no two are the same.

Take your time when choosing large opal rings. Do you want the stone mounted on silver, white gold or yellow gold? Do you want a large opal ring or a medium one? Are you looking for just opals or some diamonds too?

Choose the style of ring which grabs your imagination and heart. You might also like to check out mystic topaz rings, pink diamond rings or Siberian Ice diamond rings.