Healthy Desserts with Banana

Fruity Rice Salads

Although¬†fried banana wontons are not the most diet-friendly dessert, they are great for an occasional treat. If you want something a bit healthier, then you could adapt this recipe or make another one. Healthy desserts with banana as one of the ingredients are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and they’re healthier than a simple carb and sugar confection.

Try baking the banana wontons instead of deep-frying them. You will need to spritz a little spray oil on them to get them crispy but baked wontons are also very good. You can serve a sugar-free chocolate sauce or fruit sauce with them.

Grilled Banana Recipe

Let’s think of some more healthy desserts with banana ideas. Something else you can make is grilled bananas. Simply peel a banana and wrap it in foil after adding some cinnamon, sugar or sweetener, and perhaps a tot of brandy or sherry too. Tightly seal the foil and pop the banana on the grill for ten minutes. Serve it as it is or with some cream or ice cream. Grilled bananas are lovely.

healthy desserts with bananaMore Healthy Desserts with Banana: Fruit Salad Recipes

Another idea for healthy desserts with banana is the humble fruit salad but, if you have your heart set on a Chinese-themed meal, then forgo the apple, pears and grapes for more exotic fruits such as lychees, pineapple and mango.

Banana slices are also nice in such a dessert but squeeze lemon or lime juice over them so they don’t go brown. A fruit salad is a great dessert if you are full after a heavy meal but you still want something sweet to finish the dinner with.

There are fruit salad recipes for every palate, whether you want to make something very sweet (adding honey, sugar or a sweetener works for this) or something more natural, allowing the fruit sugars to make up the sweetness.

You can add marshmallows for a fun touch, or to make it more appealing to kids, or add a splash of liqueur for the grownups, maybe wine or champagne, or something like brandy, sweet sherry or orange liqueur. All these are optional of course and a fruit salad made with fruit and nothing else is also very enjoyable. Try some healthy desserts with banana soon!