Microsoft Surface Tablet Review and Specs

Microsoft’s introduction of the new and exciting surface tablet created a huge amount of attention and some people were skeptical regarding the hype. However, the big question whether this Windows Tablet Surface was worth all of the attention was very quickly answered as this tablet is incredible. Do you want to know more about the Microsoft Surface tablet? If so then read on.

Every aspect of the tablet is designed with the user in mind, and close attention to detail has ensured that you will enjoy everything. The design of the surface computer is brilliant and offers a lightweight, incredibly thin, compact device. The cover can be attached quickly, through the use of magnets ensuring that you can put in place and remove with ease.

More Great Things About the Microsoft Surface Tablet

This tablet is one of the few on the market that offers a full sized USB port, which is a brilliant addition.

Minimal branding, black glass and a stylish exterior ensure that the tablet is pleasing to the eye, and will attract a huge number of people. An very small windows logo is the only distinguishing sign on the front. However, this logo is not only for cosmetic purposes and serves a useful function. If you hit the windows logo, it activates the start screen, which is an impressive 10.6″ screen that responds well to touch.

What Do the Reviewers Think?

The reviews for the new Microsoft Surface tablet are excellent, and provide an insight into the features, and design of this exciting new device. People have been anticipating the arrival of this tablet for some time, and it looks to deliver everything that it promises. This is the flagship of Windows 8 operating systems, so everything has to be perfect.

Microsoft has improved a huge amount over the years and has ensured that every new idea is researched and produced to a high standard. The new surface tablet has proven that years of ideas, can create the ultimate device. The price is yet to be determined; however, the rumors claim that it will be in the same range as the iPad.

Sleek and Gorgeous

2014-surface-tabletThe design of the surface tablet is sleek, sophisticated, and incredibly stylish, ensuring that it will appeal to a wide audience. The distinctive lightweight tablet is perfect for people on the go, with the unique stand that ensures you don’t have to carry the tablet everywhere. The cover can be easily attached and removed with the use of magnets, ensuring that every function is straightforward.

Microsoft has designed the front of the tablet with the ultimate style in mind and has ensured that the logos and branding are minimal. The small windows logo that is on the front provides class, and a distinct function. When you press the windows logo the start up screen will launch making it a far quicker start up system.

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Large Screen

According to the reviews, the larger touch-responsive 10.6″ screen is ideal and provides the perfect size for both work and home assignments. The Microsoft surface tablet offers a USB 2.0 and, if you upgrade, you can get USB 3.0. The dual speakers, microphones, and keyboard connector all provide different features making your tasks easier.

Every feature and specification of this tablet has the consumer in mind, and you will enjoy the sophisticated, simplicity of the device. Once you have had a chance to use this tablet, you will understand what all the fuss was about, and see why so many people were excited about the launch.

Where to Buy Yours

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Price and Specifications

microsoft-surface-tabletThe new surface tablet is set to be launched very soon, and as with all new devices the speculation and rumors surrounding the specifications and price are high. There are several different reviews, which provide detailed information about the likely features on the device. Therefore, you should study these and decide whether this new gadget is for you.

There are two different versions of this tablet, ensuring that everyone has the choice of which brilliant device to purchase. The first one will be a stylish, lightweight tablet, offering the new Windows RT system. The second offers Windows 8 and is considered to be slightly heavier, and is the Pro version.

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Nice Big Screen

Screen size is a huge factor when considering any device of this style, and the surface tablet has a fantastic 10.6″ clear type screen. The resolution is 1280×720 pixels, which is ideal for watching videos or looking at photos. The screen can be written on with a stylus, offering touch screen sensitivity, and excellent capabilities.

It will feel like you are writing directly, onto the page, and not on to a screen, which is perfect, and people enjoy this technology. The Gorilla Glass concept provides no layers in a process called optical bonding. Both digital inking and touch screen are supported with the surface tablet, making it a pleasure to use.

The stand, which is provided with the surface tablet is fantastic and allows you to form a table, and work with ease. When you initially see the tablet on the stand, it resembles a laptop, which is what many people enjoy. The stand integrates well with the design of the tablet, and ensures that it remains stylish and sleek in design.

Protective Covers

There are two distinct covers for the tablet, ensuring that both the screen and keyboard are protected regardless of the amount of use. The covers are attached magnetically, and can be removed with ease when you want to use the tablet. The small but easy to use keyboard will guarantee that you continue using the device, even when you do not want to touch the screen.

The operating system for this device is Windows RT and has a thickness of just 9.3mm and weighs only 676 grams. The battery is 31.5 watts/hour, and the tablet is available in both 32GB and 64GB, providing you with enough RAM at all times. There are two cameras to ensure that you can capture the distinct moments while on the move.

You may be unsure of the device that you want to purchase, and although the surface tablet is not the cheapest option, it is affordable. The price is yet to be released; however, it is rumored to be the same sort of price as the Apple iPad. This will provide you with yet another dilemma, regarding what device to choose.

Surface Tablet vs iPad: Still don’t know which to choose? Read on…

The new Surface Tablet is being compared to the Apple iPad, and people are predicting that they will be incredibly close in price. Therefore, you may want to ensure that you research the features, and specifications of both devices, before deciding on which will suit your needs. Both devices are brilliant and offer you a distinct level of excellent technology.

The feature to feature comparison ensures that consumers can compare the different features, and make a logical decision regarding the different devices. Microsoft is attempting to gain support by offering their new windows operating system. However, Apple continues to impress with their new iPad designs, which appeal to several different generations.

Screen size is always a debatable subject, and an area that consumers immediately look for to ensure that the screen is large enough. The surface tablet offers an impressive 10.6″ whereas the iPad gives you 9.5″. The tablet is slightly heavier than the iPad but this is to be expected when searching for this style of device.

The display on the iPad is of a higher quality and offers amazing retina display capabilities, with fantastic 264 pixels per inch. The tablet is not far behind and offers 148 pixels per inch, and a clear type HD screen. Both offer wireless capabilities and Bluetooth 4.0, the iPad, has a longer battery life, as well as 3G coverage.

The surface tablet does have a better full size USB port and offers a micro SD card slot to ensure that you can upload many different items. There are two cameras on the tablet; however, the iPad offers both rear and front facing cameras. The surface tablet does have a larger RAM offering 2GB, where as the iPad has only 1GB of RAM.

The overall specifications appear to be in favor of the iPad but you need to decide what you want the device for, and how it will be used in your life. The surface tablet offers a stand, which removes the necessity of holding the device at all times. All of the information supplied can make it difficult to decide which of these amazing devices to purchase.

How Does it Compare to iPad Mini?

The Surface Tablet offers a user-friendly experience. You get plenty of features and all the sophistication and brilliant design you would expect from Microsoft. This is serious iPad Mini competition!

More About the Surface Tablet

Unlike other tablets on the market, there is a built-in stand ensuring that you do not have to hold the tablet at all times. You can easily decide whether to use the stand, or flip it and store until wanted.

The features of the Microsoft surface tablet are causing the most attention, and surprisingly there are very few. You will discover that the features they have included are excellent and offer you the ultimate in service. There are dual speakers, a 2.0 USB, microphones, a keyboard connector, and a Micro HDMI port.

The tablet runs on windows, which ensures that you have a fantastic experience at all times. The touch screen display, allows you to control functions, and the Intel Core i5, can cope with challenging issues. Price is always a major point when searching for any new technology and this is one area that Microsoft is yet to disclose.

The rumors are that this tablet will be in the same price range as the Apple iPad, which is reasonable for a device of this high specification. The design, style, and excellent features of this tablet will ensure that it is not purchased on a whim and cast aside like many others. Many tablet enthusiasts are excited about this launch, and are hoping that Microsoft delivers everything they promise