Wonderful Winter Dessert Ideas

Winter is a wonderful time to try out some of the more rich dessert options available. In the warmer months, you won’t want to spend much time in the kitchen and baking is definitely out of the question. Standing near an oven in the winter, though, might even be welcome and settling down with a nice piece of cheesecake is always a treat. That’s why it pays to know some good winter dessert ideas.

Cheesecake is a great recipe to try out in the winter. The colder temperature lends to the setting process and leaving the cheesecake in the oven for an hour or so won’t be a problem. Cheesecake can come in many flavors, which is helpful when catering to different tastes and making some winter dessert ideas that appeal to many palates.

Regular cheesecake is rich and creamy, but you can also use chocolate, caramel, or berries to change it up. White chocolate cheesecake is a favorite of mine because it still looks the the original flavored cheesecake, but has a surprising chocolatey taste. White chocolate also lends to holiday themed cheesecake and can be used along with peppermint to create a recipe reminiscent of candy cane.

Cookies are Always Welcome

If cheesecake isn’t your favorite, another way to add some sweetness to a winter meal is to follow it up with some cookies. Many people make cookies for the holidays and it’s hard to not eat at least one sugar cookie or gingerbread man each December, but those aren’t your only options for winter dessert ideas. My favorite is a red velvet chocolate chip recipe. They have the perfect crinkly top and familiar chocolate taste, but the red velvet adds a pop of color that will have guests asking for them at the next get together.

dessert-of-the-day-bookSensational Seasonal Fruit

One of my favorite winter dessert ideas is sweet, but not usually thought of when considering a dessert. That treat is a pomegranate and though delicious in their own right they can be used in many winter dessert ideas and seasonal recipes.

Since pomegranates are only available part of the year, they seem special and are always fun to include in your meal plan. Pomegranates can be put in tarts or cooked down and used as a glaze to spice up your favorite dessert recipe in need of a kick.

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Brownies are an easy year round winter dessert ideas favorite that can be tweaked to fit winter quite well. Rich caramel brownies compliment hearty cold weather meals and if you’re looking to fit a holiday theme there are plenty of different options. You can even make eggnog brownies if you are adventurous and want to try something truly unique.

Experiment and Have Fun with Winter Dessert Ideas

Winter is a great time to experiment with different dessert recipes without worry. Like I said earlier, you don’t have to deal with the heat outside and the heat of the over making things unbearable. The winter weather will have you inside most of the time anyway and dessert cheers up even the most stir crazy of people. Next time you have a snow day, try out a new dessert recipe. It’s the perfect time to do so.