Wonderful Wontons

Easy Wonton Recipe

If you are looking for an easy wonton recipe to impress your family, you are sure to find some very tempting wonton recipes right here. Everyone loves wonderful wontons and they are so easy to prepare.

Maybe you are keen to try out meat wontons, fish wontons, dessert wontons, fried wontons, baked wontons or one of the best wonton soup recipes. There are so many wonderful wontons you can try!

There are various ways to wrap wontons and ways to cook wontons so whether you fancy a crunchy filled wonton or a soft dumpling-like one, we have the best wonton recipes for you.

It is easy to be spoilt for choice because all of these easy wonton recipes are good ones. Perhaps you want to start off with some deep-fried wontons, since those are a favorite of many people, or what about an easy wonton soup, just to show you how easy making wontons can be?

Wonton Wrappers or Dumpling Skins?

Some of our wonderful wontons recipes are interchangeable and you can use wonton wrappers or dumpling skins. Wonton wrappers are usually square and thicker than the round dumpling wrappers, but sometimes they are interchangeable. This skin is simply a way to hold the filling after all so you can use whichever you have or prefer.

Making Easy WontonsI’ve tried out most of the wonderful wontons recipes myself and would encourage you to be creative, swapping some wonton ingredients for others if you fancy, perhaps adding other herbs or spices, making a homemade dipping sauce or even baking rather than frying, or steaming rather than boiling, for a different texture.

You can add hot sauce to jazz up the flavor, or even chilies, or you can keep your wontons milder and more delicate if you prefer.

So which wontons are you going to try out first – the healthy baked chicken wontons, a crunchy deep-fried wonton recipe or classic Chinese wonton soup?

Buy a big package of wonton wrappers because once you’ve tasted how good our wonderful wontons recipes can be, you are sure to want to make more!