iPad Mini – All You Need to Know

The iPad Mini is causing a huge amount of attention, with people wanting to see what the next offering from Apple will bring for the dedicated fans. Everyone wants to buy a cheap iPad mini, or at least find out more about this new and exciting product.

iPad vs. Mini iPad

The traditional iPad has proven to be incredibly popular; however, there are some quirks that people do not like. Both the size and the price of the traditional iPad put a huge number of people off purchasing this unique gadget. However, the launch of the new mini iPad ensures that both of these issues are addressed. The new iPad mini was launched in November 2012 and offers a smaller, compact version at an affordable price.

There was a huge amount of speculation surrounding the design and features of the new iPad mini, although all features and specifications are of course excellent. The new 7.85 inch screen allows a more compact tablet. The aspect ratio remains at 4:3, ensuring that the screen stays top quality.

Important Features

To keep the price to an affordable amount the screen remains as 1024 x 768p. The other unique features included on the new iPad mini are the fashionable metallic body, and unique thin form factor. The screen is designed to be ultra thin so the body needs to be compact and is only 7-8mm thick.


Alongside the sleek new design, the iPad mini features 2 distinct cameras, allowing FaceTime through the camera on the front.

The other camera which is of a higher quality and be positioned on the back of the device. The power button, standard rocker volume and screen latch are in position as with all Apple products.

The addition of the Lightning charging port is excellent and offers an additional feature. The main thing about the iPad Mini though is of course the size of it. Pick it up and it is the size of a small paperback book. This of course means it weighs less than a regular iPad.

When I switched my iPad 2 for an iPad 3 (or ‘new’ iPad as they were known at the time) the change in weight was really surprising. The iPad Mini is lighter still. Stick it in your purse or in your briefcase and you won’t even know it’s there – really!

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iPad Mini Hardware

The hardware is fantastic and will ensure that you never lose quality. The Apple A5 processor alongside the 32nm version will provide the ideal hardware for a gadget of this size. You want something bigger than an iPod Touch but smaller than a conventional iPad? The iPad Mini is your answer.

Cheap iPad Mini for Kids – Good Idea or Bad?

The new iPad mini is set to be top of many children’s Christmas wish list this year, and as the price is now affordable more parents are debating whether to purchase this gift. The smaller, lightweight new addition form Apple is designed with children in mind. However, some parents still feel that there is an endless array of technology being thrown at their children.

This is the first generation of children that has a huge amount of technology surrounding them, and not everyone embraces this fact. With cell phones, PDAs and tablets all being designed with children in mind, is it right that Apple have produced the new iPad mini at an affordable price? You will need to consider whether your child needs an iPad and whether they are mature enough to remain safe.

The capabilities of the iPad mini are incredible and can help to broaden your child’s imagination, and can be excellent tools for learning. However, they can also open up a huge discussion over privacy issues, and whether children should be exposed to the Internet at all.

Designed with Kids in Mind

white-ipad-miniApple has announced that they will continue to produce apps with children in mind so they are encouraging children to use their devices. The touch technology that the iPad mini provides allows children to use the device far more easily. You will be amazed at the amount of apps for children, which can help them to count, read, cook and grow their own gardens.

You will discover that children want to use this device, and it can be marketed as a way to enjoy homework and research. Your child will be able to read through the e-book facility and can keep in contact with friends and family. However, there are also other areas, which some parents are cautious about, and are not so sure that an iPad mini is the best thing for their child.

The price of the iPad mini is now affordable, however still considered to be expensive for a child to be responsible for on a day to day basis. The iPad mini is also delicate and can break , which many children do not appreciate. You may also be worried about the content that your child will have access to, as the iPad can surf the Internet at a touch of a button.

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You will need to look at every element of the iPad mini, and decide whether your child is responsible enough to have this style of device. All children are different and develop at different speeds; therefore, some will be more ready than others. There are no clear answers when it comes to deciding if your child is ready to use this gadget. It depends on your child and your opinion.

iPad Mini Keyboard Accessory

ipad-mini-keyboardThe launch of the new iPad mini is causing a stir, and consumers are interested in the different gadgets and accessories, which are available.

The iPad mini is excellent for younger generations, and people on a budget. The cost may be less, but the quality remains the same, and Apple have managed to ensure that the features, style and design remain top quality.

The size of the new iPad mini is perfect for taking with you when you are on the move, although some people still prefer a keyboard rather than touch screen.

Apple considered this factor and has ensured that they will be releasing a keyboard to use with the device. The iPad mini keyboard accessory is produced by ZAGG and offers exceptional quality or consider the SHARKK keyboard which is also good.

Top Quality

The keyboards which ZAGG produces are lightweight, and offer fantastic technology, including Bluetooth capabilities, and feature-rich keys. The keyboard may be small but it is perfectly formed, and will ensure that the user can achieve the tasks they set out to complete. You will experience the same spacing as other tablet keyboards, ensuring that you can type correctly without problems.

More Reasons to Choose It

The dynamic stand that is provided with the keyboard accessory ensures that the iPad mini sits in place and provides a perfect view, regardless of the angle. The unique function keys allow you to operate the iPad features, directly from the keyboard. You may wonder why you need the iPad mini keyboard accessory but it does provide the option to switch from touch screen to keyboard in seconds, with no fuss.

iPad Mini Rumors

As with the launch of any new product the rumors that surround it are vast and not all are true. However, the iPad mini rumors have got fans debating what this latest addition to the Apple family will offer. With so many possibilities, it has become one of the most talked about subjects on the Internet. Now the iPad Mini has been launched how did those rumors measure up?

The first distinct feature that the new iPad mini offers is the smaller 7″ screen, which produces top quality viewing, and excellent touch screen capabilities. The build is far lighter and thinner than other tablets, making it perfect for children and commuters, among others. The iPad mini has been built from scratch and is not simply an iPad 3 which has been shrunk.

Colors and Camera

ipad-case-colorfulThere are several distinct features that the iPad mini offers, ensuring that users will be impressed, and want to learn more.

The colors are vivid on the screen, and a lot of web content is displayed easily. Holding a lightweight iPad Mini in your hand as easily as you would hold a book means you can browse the web for hours without your hands or wrists becoming tired, and yes that happens often with the heavier, larger types of iPads.

The back facing camera, is similar to larger iPads and offers excellent video capabilities, with the 1080p video options.

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The processors on the iPad mini are even better than on the larger iPad, and allow you to power games and apps far quicker. The rumors for this device stated some incredible technology inside, which is there to ensure that people enjoy using the smaller, lightweight tablet. These rumors were true and the iPad Mini is a joy to use.

It was also rumored to be far cheaper than the larger versions, making it more affordable for average people to purchase. Apple fans will love the new addition to the family, and the expected features and capabilities will be incredibly popular. The iPad mini is set to be on many people’s Christmas wish list this year.

iPad Mini vs Kindle Fire – Which is Best?

kindle-fireThe iPad mini is causing a huge amount of attention and many people are comparing it with the Kindle Fire. Both tablets have incredible capabilities and appeal to a wide audience, due to the price and technology. With the launch of the new iPad mini imminent, Kindle has revived their tablet to compete in the market.

Apple continues to use iOS 6 in this device, offering both Safari and Siri with every related feature and option. However, the Kindle Fire remains loyal to the Android Gingerbread 2.3 and has some versions of OS, which are now advanced. Both operating systems offer unique capabilities, and ensure that the tablets are fast and up to date.

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Screen Size and Display

The screen size is a huge deciding factor for consumers searching for the best tablet to purchase in this price range. The iPad mini offers a unique 7.85 LCD screen size, with a 1024 x 768 pixel IPS, which provides fantastic quality. Kindle offer a 7″ screen, with a pixel of 1024 x 600, which is not as crystal clear as the iPad mini.

Storage Capacity

Storage capacity for the iPad mini is available in 16GB, 32GB and an impressive 64GB; however, the Kindle is lacking in this department, and can only offer 8GB. This will be one factor that influences many users decision on what tablet will suit them the most. Many people want larger storage capabilities, and the Kindle may not offer enough.

App Availability

Apple no longer has a huge support network, which means that the iPad mini will not have Google support or apps. You will be locked into the Apple store, therefore, not being able to use any other app store online. The Kindle Fire on the other hand has full support from the Google app store, ensuring that you can get issues resolved, and purchase new apps easily.

The processors are another factor that differs between the tablets, and the iPad mini offers 1GHz dual core A5 processors and the Kindle Fire is a Cortex A9 processor with 1 GHz of RAM. This ensures that the speeds, which are found in both tablets is top quality, and that the technology behind the images is brilliant.

The main advantages of this device are the larger screen, 3G access, dual cameras, and larger internal memory. However, some people still prefer the Kindle Fire as you will not be locked into the Apple world, and will have more flexibility for updating and syncing the device. Regardless of the tablet that you decide to choose, you will be happy with either one, as they are top quality devices with so much to offer.

Why People Love Touchscreens

apple-ipad-3Touchscreens have become part of everyday life, and you will see them everywhere including cell phones, tablets, and the new iPad mini. At one time, there were only selected models that would have touch screen options. However, today there are thousands of different devices that offer touchscreen capabilities.

The popularity of these devices continues to grow, and many people will not use any other option for their device. There are several different factors, which contribute to the popularity of this technology, including, ease of use, better gaming experience, and quicker for the user to navigate. You will find that you can use the commands easily by pressing the buttons on the screen.

Keypads can be clumsy to use, especially if you have larger fingers; therefore, you will find the touchscreens far easier. You will find that you make fewer mistakes and that the commands you are using are clear and precise. Touchscreens are also considered to be incredibly modern, and will display that you have a grasp of technology.

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Great for Gamers

The technology behind the touchscreen is often the deciding factor, when choosing the style of device that you prefer. Gamers will find that the experience is far easier, and clearer with a touchscreen, ensuring that you enjoy the experience. You will discover elements to the device that you never knew existed, and be able to use it to the full capabilities.

As touchscreens continue to improve, more people than ever before are choosing these over other older style keypads. Regardless of the device that you have chosen you will soon discover that touchscreens make actions faster, smoother and more enjoyable. You will want to spend longer on the device exploring all of the different actions you can complete with a touchscreen.

iPad Mini vs iPad 3 – Deciphering the Differences

Lovers of Apple products will be delighted that there is another offering from this incredible company, which is smaller, lightweight and far more affordable. However, some people are deciding to stick with their original iPad, and not jump on the iPad mini train. Both are fantastic tablets; however, there are clear distinctions between the two styles.

The iPad mini is smaller, lighter, and has a top quality screen which is excellent regardless of the angle that the device is held. The regular iPad has a 9.7 inch screen, whereas the iPad mini is only 7 inches, but lacks none of the quality. Both have excellent 4G LTE, which makes the decision of what Apple device to choose far harder.

You will also be surprised to see that both have 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capabilities which is excellent for the iPad mini. The price is a huge factor when people are searching for a new device, and the iPad mini is incredibly affordable. This makes the iPad mini an attractive purchase for people searching for a smaller tablet with excellent features.

Size Does Matter

The iPad mini can be used with one hand, and carried easily in your pocket, or small bag, ensuring that it will become popular with women. The size of the tablet makes it an ideal device to play game son, and read books while you travel. The lightweight issues are another incredible plus point, as it is not bulky or difficult to carry.

However, the iPad 3 still has many incredible features, which will encourage many people to remain loyal to the original style. The screen resolution is far better, and the new processors ensure that speed is never an issue. The original iPad remains the ultimate tablet for high speed gaming and guarantees you quality every time you connect.

You will soon discover that there are many different elements that are similar between the iPads, and Apple guarantee quality in every item. You will need to consider what you want the iPad for, and how much you want to spend on the device. If cost is the main issue, the iPad mini is far cheaper and will still guarantee all of the technology and features.