Zucchini Fritter Chaffles | Courgette Waffles

courgette chaffles

Zucchini fritter chaffles, or courgette waffles if you’re in the UK or down under, are so tasty. They’re also quick and easy to rustle up.

A chaffle is a mini version of a waffle, which you can make with a chaffle maker. You could also use a regular size waffle maker – just add more of the mixture.

There are many savory chaffle recipes to choose from, but zucchini (or courgette!) is an especially great ingredient. The following recipe includes broccoli although you can put any veggies in there you want. Or you can leave out the broccoli and just make courgette chaffles.

They’re nice served with a dollop of sour cream on top and perhaps some snipped chives or parsley if you like as well.