Micro Sim Cutter

First of all, what is a micro sim cutter? If you already have a sim-card then you might find your new phone will only accept a nano or micro sim size. So how do you trim your card to make it fit?

Obviously making a mistake is going to make it pretty much useless. The answer is to invest in one of these cutters and cut your new sim easily and quickly.

A good cutter will have adapters to transform your micro sim back to a regular size if you need to use it in a phone which takes that size.

Difference Between Mini, Nano and Micro Sim

A regular one is also known as a mini sim. A trimmed down one is called a micro sim. What is a nano sim then? This is a slightly different shape/size and this one is used in Apple products like iPhones or iPads.

If you purchase an Apple product with connectivity it will come with a nano one. If you purchase a different brand then it will come with a regular or mini sim which you can use (or trim down) or with a micro sim cutter.

A mini sim is used by cellular data capable cellphones and tablets, the 3rd or 4th generation models. Not every cell requires a micro card so check whether you do or not if you are purchasing your cellphone online. Some require a mini one which is larger.


And the Nano Cards?

A nano sim is for newer iPhones and iPads.

This is similar to a micro sim but slightly thinner and smaller.

Your Apple device will come with the correct card so don’t worry about those. You won’t need a micro sim cutter if you buy everything together.

Another phone might come with a mini or micro one, which might or might not need to be adjusted, and if it does you will want a micro sim cutter to do the job so you do not end up messing up your card.

Micro Sim Cutter, on Amazon

Where to Buy One

I bought my micro sim cutter online (from Amazon to be precise) because they are cheaper than in the stores but the same quality.

You can sell it after use or keep it for trimming future cards. eBay is also good for buying these and you can find real bargains on there sometimes.

What Does SIM Stand For?

The answer is Subscriber Identity Module.

Warning: Never try to trim a card without using a proper cutter. Cut too far and your card is going to become unusable!