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Cauli Nasi Goreng
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Cauliflower Nasi Goreng – Low Carb and Keto

This keto cauliflower nasi goreng – low carb and tasty – might well earn a place on your regular meal rotation. It’s just so special! Nasi goreng is a delicious dish from Indonesia, which I’ve enjoyed plenty of times since moving to the Netherlands, since the Dutch are very much into Indonesian foods. Although this …

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Authentic Nasi Goreng Recipe

Authentic nasi goreng recipe – ah, a true taste of Indonesia! Nasi goreng means ‘fried rice’ in Indonesian as well as Malay, and it can be fried rice, a meal with stir-fried rice, or a salted dried fish mixture with rice. The main ingredient in an authentic nasi goreng recipe is always the rice, so …