Clean Cut vs Normal Cut Pizza

clean cut vs normal cut pizza

Clean cut vs normal cut pizza – what’s the difference? This is a relatively new term and it refers to the way a pizza restaurant slices their pizzas. Maybe you’re at a restaurant (in which case you can just ask) or perhaps you’re in the middle of an online order and unsure about the term.

So what is pizza clean cut and should you order yours that way?

Should you order clean cut pizza?

A top reason to have pizza clean cut is you have allergies or religious customs. For example, if you’re allergic to shellfish, you don’t want your pizza contaminated by a slicer that was used to cut a shrimp and tuna pizza right before – instead you need it to be clean-cut!
Smoked Salmon Pizza with Capers
If your religion bans pork products, you won’t want your pizza cut with a utensil that just cut a ham pizza. A vegetarian won’t want the pizza wheel to have cut a sausage pizza before touching their vegetarian pie. And you can even combine 2 types of cuts and order, for example, a square cut clean cut pizza! Of course, that’s a pie cut into squares with a clean pizza wheel.
What is the best thing for cutting pizza on?

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