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Pastel de Choclo - Chilean Recipe
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Pastel de Choclo Recipe from Chile

Every home cook who likes corn needs to know about this authentic pastel de choclo recipe. I first tried this amazing corn pie in Chile and immediately fell in love with it. So what is pastel de choclo exactly? Well, it’s a corn pie with meat, eggs and more. The ingredients might sound a little …

Traditional Cornish Pasty Recipe

Traditional Recipe for Cornish Pasties

One of the most famous dishes to come from Cornwall, England (well apart from tea and scones of course) is the Cornish pasty. This delicious snack can be enjoyed hot, warm or chilled, and the beef and vegetable filling complements the flaky pastry perfectly. Knowing the traditional recipe for Cornish pasties means you can prepare …

Beef and Ale Pie

British Beef and Ale Pie

This British beef and ale pie is a gorgeous recipe and it makes a filling lunch or evening meal, served with plenty of mashed potatoes, carrots and peas or carrots on the side. I used shortcrust pastry here which is sturdy rather than flaky, along with braising or stewing steak. The flavors inside come from …

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Spanakopita Greek Spinach Pie

This amazing Greek dish is famed not only in Greece but anywhere in the world there are Greek people or Greek restaurants. I personally love Spanakopita Greek spinach pie and one slice is never enough! The joy of Spanakopita Greek spinach pie is that it is made with phyllo pastry. Adding melted butter between the …