What is Swai, Basa, Pangasius Fish and How Does It Taste

swai basa fish

What is swai? Swai fish, also known as panga, pangasius, swai catfish, basa fish, basa catfish, iridescent shark, and more, seems to appear on more and more restaurant menus. Actually it’s probably better to say it does NOT appear on menus. Instead you will see the dubious-looking ‘fried fish’ or ‘fish taco’ or whatever style […]

Baked Mackerel with Lemon

Baked Mackerel Recipe

What about baked mackerel with lemon and herbs for dinner tonight? Mackerel has to be one of the most delicious fish ever. It tastes great and you can make all kinds of dishes with it. Besides, it’s pretty cheap compared to many other types of fish. And a sustainable choice too! This baked mackerel with […]