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funeral potatoes recipe
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Funeral Potatoes

If you’re looking for a funeral potatoes recipe, you are going to have questions! First of all, what are funeral potatoes and why are they called that? Well, whether you’re looking for a funeral potatoes recipe without corn flakes, with chicken, with corn flakes, or another variation, this dish is basically a potato side dish. …

Roast Duck with Potatoes

Roast Duck Leg with Potatoes

This easy roast duck leg with potatoes dish makes a wonderful dinner. The duck combines perfectly with the roasted potatoes and you should also add your favorite green vegetable, or even some kind of salad on the side. A Greek salad would go well with this or consider some stewed red cabbage or similar. You …

Best Leftover Mash Recipe

Best Leftover Mashed Potatoes Recipe

So what do you do when you have leftover mashed potatoes? It’s a waste to throw them out, but who wants to reheat them and risk cold lumps or dried out mash? Let me come to your rescue with my best leftover mashed potatoes recipe ideas. Through experimenting I’ve come up with a really good …

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Dutch Kale Stamppot with Sausage

Dutch kale stamppot is a dish I make often, first because my husband is Dutch and grew up with it, and second because it’s hot, comforting and delicious! Perhaps you have tried other Dutch recipes such as a slavink recipe, or maybe you are new to this cuisine. Either way, you will find Dutch kale stamppot …

Carisma Diabetic Potatoes

Carisma Potatoes – Diabetic Low GI Potatoes

Carisma potatoes! Have you heard about these? When my husband was diagnosed with diabetes a few months back, he was told to avoid sugary foods along with processed food, white potatoes, white pasta, white rice, milk chocolate and, well, the list went on. Being a Dutchman he is very into bread and potatoes so he …

Side Dishes Vegetables

Spicy Roast Potatoes

There are thousands of potato recipes, and many ways to prepare roast potatoes, including this spicy roast potatoes recipe. One of the nicest things to do with them is spice them up before roasting, and then you will be able to enjoy the aromatic spices and the potatoes too with their crispy outsides and fluffy …